New Apostolic School


The school is more concerned about the progress of every child. Its the teachers priority to keep an close eye on the progress of every child. Every child is special to us and we do always see them in the way that “No Child is unwise but it depends on how we teach” bearing this in mind, the teachers use different methods of teaching aids to achieve 100 % results. We do also arrange Parents meeting once in a month to interact with the parents and children. Tests are conducted after the completion of each lesson and will be viewed in an average of the class and Individual child in all the subjects. Any doubts or issues in the clearance of the concept of the topic the children are most welcomed in a friendly manner with the teachers until they understand. We are not limited to evaluate children only in the curriculum but also take interest in evaluating children in extra curriculum activities like arts, drawings, essays, competitions, presentations and so on. Therefore we try to unfold the talents of the children and promote them with extra relevant knowledge because a real talent needs a real expert guidance and by doing so we have experienced positive results from that. However we are aware of the children of the Lower classes, it has been researched that the learning capacity of the children during his first five years is too high. So the Kindergarten children are very often evaluated based on their curriculum as those years are very precious in their life. As per the Government guidelines the school conducts FA 1 , FA 2, FA 3, FA 4, SA 1, SA 2 every year. Therefore Evaluation plays an vital role in the progress of the child and thus we are more concerned about it.