New Apostolic School

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce a prominent Leader Rev. J. Thompson, the founder and the Former President of the (Socio health & Education society’s) whose legacy is continued to this day by the schools running under this management ;bearing in mind the school motto:


“Love thy neighbour as thyself’’


The school was started under the leadership of Late. Rev. J. Thompson in the year 1977. Until now, 45 years have passed. To the progress and development of the school in this remote region at once where the people of Bidar were underprivileged to have the access to the education many esteemed personalities have toiled immensely. Their persistence has led the school to the stage it is in now; where it is recognized by the people of Bidar as a school with high standards and a place that provides a quality education. It has come to be known as a great place of learning in the community.

The classes from LKG (Kindergarten) to Ist grade were started when Late. Rev. J. Thompson, The Then President of the Society namely (Socio Health and Education Society) under which the school is running had faced many challenges, hardships, had to labour a lot and often times he has to stay on just chocolates to survive at that time to obtain the Permission for the above said classes. The Then President during his tenure classes from IInd standard to VIIth standard were also opened to the children of the community and got recognized by the Govt. of Karnataka. (INDIA).  This credit exclusively goes to him and we are thankful to him for all his labour, efforts and for being such a generous person who had sacrificed a lot and opened the School.



Rev. J. Thompson (Apostle)