New Apostolic School


It gives us immense pleasure to present our school report to all the viewers. Before we start, let me introduce some of the prominent characters whose legacy is continued to this day by the school; bearing in mind the school motto:


“Love thy neighbour as thyself’’



The school was started under the leadership of Late. Rev. J. Thompson in the year 1977. Until now, 45 years have passed. To the progress and development of the school in this remote region at once where the people of Bidar were underprivileged to have the access to the education many esteemed personalities have toiled immensely. Their persistence has led the school to the stage it is in now; where it is recognised by the people of Bidar as a school with high standards and a place that provides a quality education. It has come to be known as a great place of learning in the community. Many honourable personalities have set aside their personal interests, their family and their wealth for the progress of this school. We do not want to forget their names at this moment. So please remember the names of those esteemed personalities:

1.     Late.Rev. J. Thompson

2.     Late.Mr George Samuel.

3.     Late.Rev. David Jaywanth.

4.     Mr.David Narsappa.

The classes from LKG (Kindergarten) to Ist grade were started when Late. Rev. J. Thompson, The Then President of the Society namely (Socio Health and Education Society) under which the school is running had faced many challenges, hardships, had to labour alot and often times he has to stay on just chocolates to survive at that time to obtain the Permission for the above said classes. The Then President during his tenure classes from IInd standard to VIIth standard were also opened to the children of the community and got recognized by the Govt. of Karnataka. (INDIA).  This credit exclusively goes to
him . The Then Secretary Mr. Judson Thompson has opened the Kannada medium for the poor children who weren’t able to afford fees to study at English Medium. There are many children who studied in kannada medium and are now in the capacity of Doctors, Engineers and so on not only in India but also abroad. So the Classes from Ist to VIIth of Kannada Medium were opened under his leadership. This credit exclusively goes to him. He has faced many hardships, challenges to keep to school running for almost 33 years under his leadership.
 The Present Secretary Rev. Joshua Jyothi has relieved the children by obtaining the permission to continue to start VIIIth Standard from the concerned Department.

 Today Mrs. N. Vedamani is carrying out the responsibility in the capacity of Head Mistress for Kannada Medium school.  Mrs. Param Jyothi w/o Joshua Jyothi  is carrying out the responsibility in the capacity of Head Mistress for English Medium School. The school has served the people of Bidar for 45 years and is continuing to serve with great enthusiasm to the community. Those first objectives of the school to provide improved quality education to the children of the community continue to this day. Viewing to the tremendous change in this contemporary world the school has been concerned with improving the teaching faculty and the school’s infrastructure. Many changes are on the way to the accomplishment of the plans. Every year we are
achieving a positive result and we assure you that every year the level of teaching is gradually improving as per the needs of the children. Every year we
are giving the best education for children without any discrimination of caste, creed, sex or religion. The teachers are working with great dedication to serve
the needs of the school and of the children; each child is special to us. Our school continues to develop with a goal set before us that every child should
become a responsible citizen and has to contribute something to the human community of this country and as well as the whole world. Be assured that our
focus is to bring the school to its previous glories. 

Many children who have studied here are now functioning as Doctors, engineers and are professionals in many areas not only in India but abroad as well and this has brought laurels to our  school and teachers are continuing to bring the best out of the children for their future.  We continue to serve to prepare the poor, needy, orphans, semi orphans and underprivileged children for competitive exams and also teach them to face those challenges that come on their way to build their future and to support their own families. The Present Secretary of the School is sponsoring 12 children with  free education along with clothing , Reading books and Writing books for those who come from the rated as below poverty line and has seen their brothers and sisters weeping for a cup of milk. 

We are determined to enhance the level of concentration and learners to have fun. For that The teachers have arranged essay, quiz, singing, drawing and rhymes competition and have allotted grades and the outcome of this is great.Viewing to the objective of the society which intends to serve the community with education and health, the school will arrange a free health check up in collaboration with the Vishwa Hospitals which turns out to be a great success as the attendance will be much higher and poor and needy people will be much awaiting  to grab this opportunity. Many poor and needy people will be treated and get cured as well.Last year in the presence of the Society members, parents and Teachers Association (PTA) was formed For the better and quality education we continue to expect the support of the parents. The same PTA is functioning at the moment.

Finally the school assures you that we  build a great future of all the children (poor, needy, oppressed, underprivileged,orphan and semi orphans as well). Last year, the School was issued a notice from the Government of Karnataka to produce the building safety Certificate,for that the existing building wouldn’t be worthy to obtain it by the Government Certified Engineer. So the Management has decided to construct a new building that which is in progress. If not at once we had to stop the school functioning and the children  had to be shifted to the other schools, where the fee structure is too high and isn’t  possible to afford by the Parents of the children. The pictures of the work in progress can also be viewed in the Gallery of the school.  For further queries and details : –

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you one and all.